Month: June 2014



I’m lucky enough to work for an organization where the sales and marketing teams work cohesively together.  This isn’t typical, however, as most organizations constantly struggle to get sales and marketing to work better together.

I’m thankful that our marketing team:

  • Has a focus on driving our business forward
  • Does the dirty work (proposal/one page creation, lead nurturing, campaign tracking, CRM organization, trade show scheduling, etc.)
  • Pushes out gobs and gobs of great content
  • Are cheerleaders for sales, our brand and our company


Here are 5 ways that have helped our sales team and marketing team work well together:

1.) Get sales and marketing on the same page regarding lead scoring and lead qualification

  • What constitutes a good lead
  • Have a scoring system built out that both sales and marketing agree on

2.) Campaign tracking and analysis

  • Assigning marketing campaigns in your CRM to understand where the lead come from
  • You can then easily analyze data around what percentage of leads came from X campaign
  • Marketing can focus more on campaigns that yield success

3.) Create a defined lead follow-up process

4.) Bring sales and marketing together to establish buyer personas and target market messaging

  • It’s difficult for marketing to understand exactly the types of people sales is calling on

5.) Enable the environment

  • Have them periodically sit in other departments meetings to understand their focus
  • Build marketing incentive plans to reward them for increased leads
  • Set sales and marketing plans and targets together
  • Include marketing in on sales team rewards
  • Have your marketing automation tools tie directly into your CRM

LinkedIn and Hubspot (which we use for Inbound Marketing) wrote an ebook titled:

How to Create a Love Story Between Sales and Marketing

It includes some additional content on ideas to build a strong bond between your Sales and Marketing organizations.