Back to Basics for Business Success - written on chalkboard

As we role out a new month/quarter/year it’s important to think back to what has gotten you to this point.  What has made you successful?  What has worked in the past?  Below is a list of 7 basic but key areas that B2B startups need to keep always keep focus on.

1. It’s still a numbers game

  • The more prospecting calls you make, the more meetings you set, the more deals you close, and the more money you make

2. Measure everything

  • Visibility and transparency – every team member should know where they stand at all times
  • The only way to improve is to set aggressive goals, measure progress and strive to hit them

3. Battle to win customers – battle just as hard to keep them

  • We all know how hard it is to win a customer -are we then putting just as much focus into keeping them happy?
  • Is your Account Management or Customer Success process as dialed as your customer acquisition process?
  • Getting a yes is just the beginning – make your recurring revenue predictable

4. Showcase your top performer

  • As a sales leader it’s critical to have the top performer that all other team members try to emulate
  • Benchmark all other sales people against this persons performance
  • Give the top performer time to address the team and review deal cycles with them

5. Always be prospecting

  • I’ve mentioned in other blogs about separating the appointment setting role (BDR/SDR/SDM) with the deal closers (AE’s) – AE’s still need to prospect – they need to work just as hard as their inside rep to create new opportunities
  • Keep a close eye on your close-able pipeline for each AE – it always happens that when they have a lot of deals in process they focus less on prospecting

6. Effort in – Production out 

  • Put in the time and effort – results will follow
  • Determination, focus and effort can sometimes compensate heavily for skill and effectiveness

7. Follow your sales process

  • Follow the sales process you have created
  • If you don’t have a defined sales process – create one – map out successful deals – what happened and why – learn from every win and every loss

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